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Binding Baseplate Lifetime Warranty
We're so confident in our baseplate materials and designs, beginning with the 2005 product line, we are offering a lifetime baseplate warranty against structural defects. So, if you crack or break your baseplate during riding, we'll replace it for life.

***SI baseplates are not included in this lifetime warranty***

Breakage and/or cracking of any parts, not due to misuse, abuse, neglect, impact, or the use of resins and/or solvents.

Not Covered

***SI baseplates are not included in this lifetime warranty***

  • Breakage caused by chair lifts
  • Breakage caused by any type of binding modification not authorized by Burton.
  • Material breakdown caused by the use of solvents or resins such as LOC-TITE®.
  • Any damage caused by the use of non-spec hardware. PROPER ADJUSTMENT = PERFORMANCE. Not every binding fits every boot right out of the box. That's why we make everything fully adjustable. 3 sizes, telescoping straps, multiple mounting holes, etc. Significant damage, not to mention rider frustration, can result if people don't understand how things work on a binding, and what their adjustment options are. The instruction manual is an important piece of understanding how to customize and enhance the performance of the binding. Encourage your customers to read it. A little knowledge goes a long way.