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How do I choose the right size board?

Choosing the right size board is a combination of a rider’s height and weight. Most riders will want the height of their board to be from the chin to the bridge of the nose. If you plan on riding more freestyle you may want a slightly shorter board, and if you plan on riding more Freeride you may want a slightly longer board. The weight range is a recommendation and fairly open, riders will fall on the heavier side and on the lighter side. If you are on the heavier side, know that the board will feel softer, and if you are on the lighter side, know that the board will feel stiffer.

If you stray outside of the weight range don’t worry, just know the feel of the board might be a little different than advertised. Getting the right length board will only help to add to the fun you will have while riding. For those riders that want to check the board out in person before buying, here are some tips for hand flexing boards: Place hand/forearm across the contact points on nose or tail, apply pressure in the middle, and at binding area, you can angle the board slightly. DO not hold the tip of the board and then bend it in the middle. This is not a good judge of the flex since most of what is flexing in the tip.

Do I need a wide board?

Riders with bigger feet may need a wider board to eliminate heel and toe drag. With the technology in boots making them smaller and smaller the line between wide and normal is getting blurry. If you have a boot that is lower profile you may not need a wide board unless you foot is 12 or over. If you ride a boot that does not have any size reducing qualities, and has a little more bulk to it, you may need a wide at an 11/11.5.

We offer boards with waist widths that are in the middle as well, and we call these mid-wides, if you think you fall between a wide and normal than it might be a good idea to look at these boards. We only offer wide and mid-wide in our men’s line, sorry ladies if you have a bigger foot you may need to jump up to a men’s board to get the waist width you are looking for

What do I do if my Speed Zone lace breaks?

First stop by your local shop and see if they have any replacement laces. If not feel free to give us a call we can send one out. Once you have the lace check out this diagram for the knot.

How should I set up my bindings?

Binding setup and adjustment is an art. You can customize your setup to achieve a different feel depending on snow conditions, which board you're riding, your mood, etc. For starters, your stance should be about shoulder width apart. As for the binding angles, a good starting point is to give your front binding more angle than your rear binding (for example, 18 degrees front and 6 in back). Never, ever leave home without a Bullet Tool, tweak until it feels just right. Tune into our Video section to watch the pro's set up bindings. The tips are something every rider should see.

What companies are authorized 3D hole pattern licensees?

  • Technine
  • Snowjam
  • Flux
  • Drake
  • Flow
  • Sims

What size bindings do I get?

Check out our bindings page, click on the Sizing tab to see the bindings size chart.

Will my EST bindings work on your 3D hole pattern?

No they won't. EST bindings will only work on Channel boards. However, our traditional bindings can be mounted on our Channel boards with the use of our Retro Disc.

How should my boots fit?

Each boot model fits a little differently. You'll want to try on several models to ensure a great fit. Your foot should fit snuggly inside the boot, with your toes just about touching the end of the boot. If your toes feel cramped at the end of the boot, try the next size up. Good fit = Good day of riding.

How do I bring back my DWR (Durable Water Repellent)?

The best way to renew your DWR is to wash your waterproof/breathable outerwear according to the care instructions. This will restore the water beading protection on the outer surface as long as the original water-repellent treatment is present. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a permanent DWR treatment. Eventually, after extended wear and/or multiple washings, the original repellent finish will be depleted and you'll need to use a spray-on water repellent treatment to treat the outer surface of the fabric.

You may repeat this process as many times as needed. It is not a good idea to use a wash in as this will apply the waterproofing to the ENTIRE garment, including the inside of the fabric. This will in turn severely inhibit the fabrics ability to be breathable and cause it to hold moisture in giving the opposite effect of what is desired.

What do I do if my Speed Dial lace breaks?